Competitive Fitness Team

NPC Bodybuilding Divisions, Miss USA, and Miss America

Team Core is a competitive fitness team that specializes in preparing you to reach your goals of competing. We are focused on developing your best body each time you step on stage. We want you healthy and excited about your look. We structure customized regimens to maximize your body’s potential. Regular check-ins with your coach help keep you focused and on track. You will connect with the team through our blog and our social media sites for addition camaraderie and support! Now accepting Team Core members for NPC Bodybuilding Divisions, Miss USA, and Miss America competitions.

* Team Core Official Team Robe or Sweatshirt provided to you for your show or at completion date
**30-min online session(s)
*** Client will purchase coach's backstage pass or standard show admission. Core Dynamics will cover the coach's travel expenses to be there with you on show day. This package includes attendance to 1 show, pending availability.