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At Core Dynamics, creating a personal relationship between you and your trainer fosters a comfortable atmosphere where you are not afraid to ask questions, disclose insecurities, or inquire about your training. This personal relationship also creates accountability, responsibility and better results. Everyone needs some type of support system, especially when making lifestyle changes, and the Core Dynamics system is second-to-none. Our Burn It Back Challenge fosters this relationship by developing a fully customized plan to lead you to your goal. Our goal is to help you drop 6% body fat off of your body in 60 days. In doing so, you'll earn your entire enrollment back! Nothing is more motivating than results for FREE. We don't just send you on your way either, nope... Our plans will be set with weekly small goals leading you to the prize. The truth is that some may require a 10 lb loss while others may only have to drop 7 lbs, but in turn gain 2 back in muscle. The point of this challenge is to teach you that it's not only about the number dropped on the scale, it's about the good lbs on our bodies too. The more good lbs we can maintain or add, the faster your metabolism boosts and the more results you maintain after the challenge is over. Nobody wants to gain it back, and this is the secret to stop that trend. So don't commit to the dropped pounds this year, commit to dropping the fat! Transform your body insanely and pocket your money! Let's rock it! Spots are limited so go ahead and enroll. A coach from our staff will be reaching out for measurements and information on how to receive your plan the week before the challenge starts. Claim your spot NOW!

Challenge starts Monday, January 14th - Thursday, March 14th, 2019.

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