Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to follow the plan if I have limited time?

Yes! All of our programs are customized to you and your lifestyle. Our experts design plans to be catered to many different varieties of lifestyles. All of the recipes are easy to make and nutritious. This helps aid in reducing the time it takes to prepare meals. The training element provides the option to train at-home or in a gym. You choose whichever suits you best.

I am a vegetarian or vegan, will Core Dynamics be tailored to me?

Absolutely! All of our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of vegan, vegetarian, paleo, meat eaters, and allergies.

Is this plan ok for breastfeeding or pregnant women?

Yes! We do require you wait until you're released from your postpartum visit to participate in the exercise portion of programs, but nutrionally we can start right away. We suggest reaching out to your doctor and keeping them in the loop about your supply and changes to your body.

I'm a picky eater, can Core Dynamics accomodate me?

Yes, we offer a variety of menu options that are flavorful and fun. We provide a substitution swap list to better suit your likes. Having said that, our recipes are designed to get the maximum results by following the plan as closely as possible. So skipping meals or making up your own outside of the substitution list could alter your results.

What's the minimum amount or equiptment I'll need for my workouts?

Home Workouts: - Light & heavy set of dumbbells - Medium weight kettlebell - Stability ball - Mat - A workout bench, box, or aerobic step that is above shin height and can be sturdy enough to hold your entire weight - Jump rope, or cardio piece Gym Workouts: - A variety of dumbbell weight ranges - Variety of kettlebell weight ranges - Barbell with weights and clips - Stability ball - A workout bench, box, or aerobic step that is above shin height and can be sturdy enough to hold your entire weight - Medicine ball - Pair of gliders for lower body sliding exercises - Circuit gym machines (leg extension, seated row, cables, lat pull-down, curl and extension, chest press, and hamstring curl) - Multiple cardio units (stairmaster, stepper, arc trainer, rower, elliptical, bike)

Why am I monitoring my heartrate throughout my workout?

Your heartrate is a huge indicator of telling you how hard to work, but also keeps you from over exercising as well. Stressing the body out of the range set for you or not within range can hinder results by being too low and not burning away the fat, or be too high and you burn of muscle. It's reccommended, but not required that you purchase a heart rate tracking watch to stay even more structured to your routine, ultamitely creating quicker and overall better results.

If I sign up for a year to really focus on improving my lifestyle, will I miss out on holidays and outtings?

Absolutely not! What would we be teaching you if we didn't teach you how to stay in control at holiday outings, family events, and bbqs? We send out holiday tips, tricks, and even recipes to take for the entire group to try at your carry-in dinners. You'll receive Core Treat recipes and structured evenings out to keep from feeling restricted and maintain your mindset. Of course, all of this requires following the 80/20 rule. You'll know exactly how to stay in control with our guidelines and your weekly check-ins with your coach.

I'm not familiar with the gym, how will I know what to do?

You shouldn‘t worry that you're new. Our workout regimens begin at your fitness level. The regimens will be specifically spelled out and will advance as you do. Over time, you‘ll feel more comfortable in the gym where you once felt unsure and intimidated. When you feel confident in what you‘re doing, you enjoy it more and that will make you successful! To aid in building your confidence and resisting injury we have our Exclusive Member Access (E.M.A.) for active members only that has our workout database with demo videos, articles, and additional advice to keep you successful throughout your journey.

I signed up, and I don't have Facebook Accountibility Group or Exclusive Member Access (E.M.A.) yet, why?

Both our Facebook group and E.M.A. are assigned to your when you speak to your coach in your initial consultation. We will show you how to access the group and walk you through all the helpful items in your E.M.A. account.

Why do I no longer have access to my E.M.A. account?

Only active Core Dynamics members maintain access to their E.M.A. account. We are constantly updating our tips and tricks to better suit your lifestyle and teach you how to make this a lifestyle. To maintain access, we encourage you to invest in a longer program duration to make sure you're maximizing your growth in your transformation process. The last thing we want is for you to acheive results and not know how to maintain them. Think of that when choosing your program.

How am I held accountable during my challenge?

All of our programs help to keep you on track with their simplicity. Your coach is committed to you and your success by maintaining one-on-one access with you through Skype chat, phone calls, email, and video chats (pending program selection). Clients are encouraged to utilize their access to their coach and reachout whenever in need. Also, we understand that sometimes it's great to know how other member deal with similar situations, obstacles, or victories similar to you, so we have created our secret Core Dynamics Accountability Group to stay better equipt with all the events that occur during your challenge. Who knows, you might just leave your journey with a new friend!