We Take Away the Guessing Game

Everyone is looking for results, whether it’s losing weight, muscle development or just finding balance in your life, and that’s where our custom plans come in. The fitness market is filled with magic pills, tricks, and potions that just aren’t effective and often have a negative effect on your body. Here at Core Dynamics we do it the right way; healthy, active lifestyle that is sustainable and tailor-made for you.

Weight Loss

Whether you are looking to lose a few pounds or something more substantial this program will help you reach those goals. Our Weight Loss program will ensure that you are burning fat, gaining lean muscle and eating correctly for optimal weight loss.

Fit Lifestyle

The balance between exercise and nutrition is difficult to find and that may be keeping you from your goal if just one piece of the puzzle is missing. Our Fit Lifestyle program is designed to create the perfect balance between your nutrition and your workouts along with reducing body fat percentage and increasing muscle definition.

Muscle Development

If your focus is gaining muscle and getting definition to your physique, then our Muscle Development program is for you. We will focus on helping you build lean muscle mass and can cycle in a cutting phase to create definition while reducing body fat. You’ll receive optimized workouts and nutrition plans to support your muscle gains, stamina, and aesthetics.

Core Programs

Training & Nutrition Services

Meal Planning

Nutrition Only Services

Eat Clean & IIFYM Challenges

Eat Clean and IIFYM is structured for clients looking to develop new eating habits. Eat Clean and IIFYM can be designed to accommodate any goal you‘ve set forth. Meal plans and macro plans can be structured to aid in losing weight, toning, or muscle development. These plans are for the client looking to provide his or her own workout regimens or to the client who is easing into a new, healthy lifestyle. Don‘t know what if it fits my macros (IIFYM) is? It is our version of flexible dieting. This allows you to choose your daily meals, but with the guidance from your coach teaching you what fits so you get flawless results. You‘ll have support on your journey from the Core Dynamics family with coach check-ins, our online blog, and our social media private accountability group.