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When due, weigh ins (1) scale picture and (4) progress photos will be submitted under your 'Document' tab within your Mindbody Account. Please log in to submit these items. Measurements can be submitted below. Please make sure I have the required items on the dates listed below.

Notable Dates:

Weigh In (scale photo): January 16th
Measurements, Progress Photos & Weigh In: January 23rd

Weigh In (scale photo): January 30th
Measurements, Progress Photos & Weigh In: February 6th

Weigh In (scale photo): February 13th

Measurements: Progress Photos & Weigh In: February 20th

Weigh In (scale photo): February 27th

Measurements: Progress Photos & Weigh In: March 6th

Final Check In: Measurements, Progress Photos & Weigh In: March 14th

For your photo submissions within your account, please take progress photos as instructed below:

Women: Sports Bra, Bra, or Bathing Suit Top, Booty Shorts, Underwear (no thongs), or Swim Bottoms

Men: Shirtless, Basketball Shorts or Swim Trunks. Male Bottoms Need to Be Above Knee (Roll Waistband if Need Be)

Photos need to be full body showing face down to toes. Use your selfie camera along with it's self timer to be able to stand back and capture full length photos. Photos taken with you facing sunlight or a lamp will allow best lighting and the most to be captured in your photos each submission. Or, have someone take these for you. It's best to have the same angle in each of your photos for best comparisons, so keep that in mind when taking these.

Requirement: Please capture your photos while holding the date written on a sheet of paper. If written in pen, it likely will NOT show in your photo. Print off the date or use a sharpie to do this.

Photos Needed: Front, Right Side, Left Side, Back, and Weight (feet on a digital bathroom scale-with date captured in all of these photos