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At Core Dynamics, we believe there is one key point that ensures you will reach your personal fitness goal: communication. Creating a personal relationship between you and your trainer fosters a comfortable atmosphere where you are not afraid to ask questions, disclose insecurities, or request more support. This personal relationship also creates accountability, responsibility and better results. Everyone needs some type of support system, especially when making lifestyle changes, and the Core Dynamics system is second-to-none. Not only do we offer online video chat sessions and check-ins, but you can call, text or email your coach with questions about your personal fitness regimen any time. Our social media sites provide motivation, success stories, progress pictures and positive re-enforcement for your journey. Our personalized meal plans and workout regimens are tailored to your goals and objectives so whether you are looking to lose 200 pounds, gain 35, or anything in between, we can and will help!

How I discovered my passion for fitness, nutrition, and helping others

I've always been a competitive person. Ever since I can remember, I would challenge my brother and sister to competitions on a pogo stick, our trampoline, and running in the yard. I always wanted to be outside and be active. As I grew up, I developed a passion for sports and was a 3 season athlete. I had the discipline to practice over the Summer so I'd be better and better each year. My senior year of high school I began to look for ways to push myself even further and challenged myself to become a Division I College Cheerleader. Standing at 5'9" I was naturally one of the most unlikely to be a match for a flyer in stunts and master specific tumbling skills, but my hard work paid off, and I made the squad! After college, I was left needing something more to focus on, something physical. I was putting on weight faster than I ever had before. It was my mission to change the path I was down.


Like many of you, I too have had my own personal trainer. She was a Figure competitor.  I was intimidated as ever for the torture I was sure awaited me. It turns out, it wasn't torture. Through it all, I realized I didn't love the act of exercise directly, but I did love the challenge. I loved how it pushed me. I loved everything that exercise did for me! It not only reduced my weight, but my stress level too. I slept better. I was nicer to be around. I became confident like I had been when I was in college. I became strong. I developed a passion for fitness unlike anything I had experienced before. I became happier with who I was, but something was still missing. I needed something more... something to chase. That's when I discovered a different bodybuilding class called Bikini. I loved the look, the poise it portrayed, the strength these women had, and I immediately made completing a Bikini competition one of my goals. So I sought out an online coach and started competition prep!


After the being so focused for 20 something weeks and the show now in the rear-view mirror, I wanted to splurge. I headed on vacation a few days after the show. Thinking I could go back to my old ways, I ended vacation sitting 14 pounds up on the scale. I felt awful. I was holding extreme amounts of water and I had no guidance on what I was supposed to do next. Competition preparation taught me a lot about myself. Training with this coach (online) I found out why I acted the way I did. It's because things seemed to have lost its luster. I wasn’t excited about the gym anymore. I was tired of worrying about what was next after my show, was it another show? I was tired of not getting the support I needed when I reached out to my coach, and I was miserable of eating the same old thing day in and day out for months. After my extreme gain, I reestablished my body and my focus.  I had something new that was driving me… I wanted to fix the problem! I knew there had to be others like me, maybe not specific to bodybuilding, but vacation goers, wedding preparation-ers, and trendy dieters with no direction on how to mentally and physically find balance and stabilize results. It’s then that I changed my career direction. I went back to school and focused on developing a balanced program for the average Joe’s and competitors.


I discovered the importance of nutrition and exercise as one entity, and how nutrition dictates 80% of your results. I learned that clients don’t need to calculate and measure for eternity, but that practicing doing so along with balance, creates positive impressions on their mindset to know exactly what proper meal portions and meal structure looks like for them. I learned that meal timing had everything to do with dominating a workout and maximizing muscle growth for women and men. I discovered how to teach women not to be scared of muscle, but to embrace it as it creates our curves and provides our metabolic boost! Literally, I was floored that there was NO program that focused on ALL of this and how to balance with life after reaching your goal. That’s why I developed Core Dynamics. After training hundreds of members online and in our studio, I’ve found my passion and the one thing that always challenges me to keep pushing forward, and that’s our members!


-Ashley Dale




“Core Dynamics brought me from a snug size 16 pants to a perfectly fitted size 6 in fewer than six months’ time. Training with Core Dynamics has not only done wonders for my physical appearance, but for my confidence level as well. I can now say I feel confident in performing daily activities such as running errands, walking up stairs, and playing with my son outside. I feel lively and rejuvenated. Training with Core Dynamics is the single best decision I have ever made for myself. After losing over 35 lbs, I now have the goal to compete in an NPC bikini competition!


 "After a year of failed attempted to lose weight I joined the program. I was convinced nothing she told me to try would break the weight I was " stuck" at. Surprising the scale moved within a week and I broke the plateau I had been stuck at!! I have continued to lose each week. I have more energy than ever and feel great. I highly recommend Core Dynamics. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose literally by trying it!


"I struggled with my weight after having my daughter. I tried everything on my own with no success, even though I was pretty fit and active before the baby. Core Dynamics swooped in and helped me get back on track. My mindset was terrible and my belief in myself was nonexistent. I was given one-on-one attention, I was encouraged, I wasn't starved and I was given instruction on what to do at the gym or at home. I've lost close to 20lbs and and still losing! More than anything, they helped me gain self-love. Core Dynamics helped me stay on track even when my mind was telling me to give up. So if you need a push, encouragement to lose weight and self-love in the process, Core Dynamics is hands down where you should start. You won't regret it!


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Ashley Dale

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The idea of starting an online health and fitness company came about in April of 2013. I decided to start Core Dynamics after I completed my own personal transformation into a bikini competitor. Throughout my journey, I would post progress pictures and motivational posts online, which created a huge buzz among my friends and family. Friends and acquaintances began asking for fitness and nutritional advice. I decided to further my knowledge and become an ACSM Certified Personal Trainer. I also advanced my skills by achieving certified in Sports Nutrition. I’m eager to help you find balance, reach goals, and become healthy and confident. Let's chase your goals together